Registration Application for CLIVIA


1. Please carefully read the explanatory notes before completing your application.

2. Give as much detail as you can when filling out the application form.

3. When the completed form is submitted online you and the Registrar will receive a copy.
You will be sent instructions where to email your photos and any other publication information. To finalize your registration a photo of your cultivar will be published in one of the Clivia Society's official publications.

Explanatory Notes

A) The Originator is the person who grew a plant on to its first flowering. The Nominant is the person who designated (invented or coined) the name.

B) The Introducer is the person who released the plant privately or commercially. Please state which.

C) The Registrant is the person submitting this application. In each case the relevant date(s) should also be given.

D) A sport is a mutation occurring on a single plant, as an offset.

E) The following words may not be used in your proposed name: cross, hybrid, grex, group, maintenance, mutant, seedling, selection, sport or strain, or the plural form of these words (or their equivalent in any language).

F) A description including, where applicable, details of colour - the RHS Colour Chart (1966, reprinted 1986 in association with the Flower Council of Holland and in 1995 by the RHS) is now a widely used standard and is strongly recommended. The precise edition of a colour chart should always be stated in publications of an ICRA. The Cape Clivia Colour Chart may also be used as a reference common to clivia. Please state which chart you refer to. For example leaf width, growth habits, flower size, flower shape, season of flowering, etc.

G) Give an account of the likely diagnostic characteristics that make your cultivar or cultivar-group different from other Clivia cultivars or cultivar-groups.

H) An explanation of the etymology (derivation or meaning) of the cultivar epithet (cultivar name), especially if this is not immediately apparent from other information you have given on the form.

I) Please include any history or anecdotal information about the development of your plant that may be of interest to other Clivia breeders. The ICRA will ensure eventual establishment (publication in the Clivia Society yearbook) of registered names, but be aware that their precedence is not fixed until establishment, at which point the name will have a date. You may wish to publish your new names independently following your submission of this registration (the registrar will endeavour to confirm the suitability of your submitted epithet as quickly as possible) to ensure that precedence of your cultivar epithet is not affected by any delay in publication.