Welcome to the official online resource for the Checklist & Register of Clivia Cultivar Names.

The site is hosted by The North American Clivia Society on behalf of The Clivia Society and is maintained by the International Registrar, Kenneth R. Smith.

It is hoped that this online resource will encourage people to submit extra detail about any of the listed Clivia, as well as formally registering their named plants. Where there are images, they have been uploaded, and we ask for any other growers to submit their images of named forms so they can be included. This resource is a compilation of details about named Clivia from many sources. You can search the listings based on a number of traits. Where the Clivia has been formally registered with the Clivia Society it will be noted in the description. This resource is continually evolving as new information comes to hand. It must be noted that for a Clivia Cultivar name to be formally “Established”, it must appear in a dated, printed publication.

Initially this website opens with the contents of Volume 1 of ‘ A Checklist & Register of Clivia Cultivar Names’ published in 2009 and distributed by the Clivia Society to members. A lot of information had to be transcribed. If you see errors and want the data or photos of the plant that you submitted to the Registrar to be changed please contact the Registrar.

All other enquiries about name registration are also encouraged. Please contact the Registrar, Ken Smith

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